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Privezak 2001 KH


1 600.00 €

Vendor Information
( Arts Design )

Digitalna stampa velikog formata

cena po kvadratu

cena za tri i vie kvadrata

pvc folija

m2 .....
1575,00 1500,00


m2 ..... 1575,00 1500,00

tekstil transf.

m2 ..... 6000,00 4000,00

Reflektujuca folija

m2 ..... 4000,00 2800,00

Slikarsko platno

m2 ..... 3675,00 2500,00

Cene su prikazane bez PDV-a
Minimalan iznos mora da bude 1000,00 din+PDV
U cenu tampe je ura?unat i navedeni materijal, a kod preslikaca za tekstil i opticko ricovanje i postavljanje transfer papira

Posteri i baneri

Large format inkjet printer

Super-large format printing. Our Agfa large-format inkjet printers can print up to 1,524mm wide by any length. For convenience we also offer standard 'A' size posters (A2, A1 and A0).

Dye-based or solvent-based inks. For internal use, we can use use less expensive dye-based inks for your prints. Where your print will be exposed to sunlight we recommend the use of solvent-based inks which are resistant to the bleaching effect of UV light.

For ease of displaying A2, A1 and A0 prints outdoors see our range of weatherproof 'A' boards. For internal display you may be interested in our poster snaps.

Choice of substrates (materials). We have a variety of materials for all kinds of applications:

  • 170gsm (grams per square metre) photorealistic silk or gloss paper;
  • 180gsm photorealistic matt with gloss lamination;
  • Wet strength paper;
  • Backlit film for lightboxes;
  • Pressure-sensitive vinyl;
  • Cling film for windows and similar glass surfaces;
  • Banner vinyl with optional brass eyelets and ropes.

We are happy to advise on the most suitable and cost-effective material for your application please call our Freephone Design Advice Line on 0800 077 6467.

Pricing illustrations

100% inclusive pricing logo Please remember that our prices are fully inclusive of professional advice to help you prepare your file for printing, pre-press checks, PDF proofs and printing. The only charges to add are for delivery and VAT, where applicable. We never add 'hidden extras' and we stand by that principle 100%.

The prices shown here are based on multiple prints of a single file.

A1 posters, printed in dye-based ink on 170gsm photorealistic silk

  • 1 = 22.95
  • 2 = 36.90
  • 3 = 50.85
  • 4 = 64.80
  • 5 = 78.75

A0 posters, printed in solvent-based ink wet-strength paper

  • 1 = 32.77
  • 2 = 54.54
  • 3 = 76.31
  • 4 = 98.08
  • 5 = 119.85

VAT guidance

Large format prints are standard rated for VAT.


Because of the individual nature of large format prints we are unable to provide samples. We are happy to provide free, no-obligation advice on which inks and material types would best meet your needs.